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Last updated 6:31 PM on 5 June 2014
Rosalind and Year 12 Music 2

Students in Year 11/12 Music 1, 2 and Extension classes to meet Australian Composer Rosalind Carlson.

Rosalind Carlson composes music based on the experiences of her surrounding environment. Her music often echoes the natural music of the birds, rustling of grass or the trickling of the water nearby her property in Arcadia, New South Wales.


The students studying Music 2 at both Preliminary and HSC level, were fortunate to be a part of a 2-hour workshop on Friday 30th May. Carlson gave the students a workshop based on her own compositional experiences as well as a personal analysis of her works, engaging the students in compositional techniques and forms in which she uses to compose her own works. This enabled the students to learn from a professional composer, how the compositional process works and to engage in listening to not only the perceived music, but in our surrounding environment and the sounds which it offers.


Our HSC students were also fortunate to have had a one-on-one forty minute lesson with the composer, discussing their compositions and their ideas. This offered the students an opportunity to gather outside opinions on their compositions. The three students studying Music 2 this year are presenting pieces that are very much based on environmental issues and concerns, giving the students further momentum in their final HSC composition submissions. We wish our Music 2 candidates the best of luck in completing their compositions and many thanks to Ms. Rosalind Carlson for visiting our college.